Welcome to My Blog!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Hey there! Welcome to my blog, Treasure Box! After almost two hours of deliberation, I finally decide to pick up this title for my first blog in life. The world of digital marketing is very complicated and updating rapidly beyond our imagination. Here, I will try my best to share what I learn, what I see, and what I think as a graduate student of integrated marketing in NYU with every visitor. I hope you guys will find it a treasure box where you can discover the latest digital marketing information, useful marketing tips and interesting marketing ideas.

To be honest, I was not an inborn marketer before I came to the marketing world. It took me a lot of time to choose this path. I first majored in English literature in my undergraduate years, but I quickly found out that I was scared of becoming an academic in my rest of life. Therefore, I worked as a consulting assistant in a headhunter company, helping clients to recruit the best employees in the marketing field. Since then, I have noticed my talents in the marketing. Observing the new and emerging marketing trends, organizing  the marketing campaign, utilizing the latest digital tools to promote, everything here is so attractive to me!

This is my first blog, and I will try to continue on this blogging journey. So if you love learning about the fancy digital marketing world just as me, you’ve came to the right place. Please Please Please contact me if you have any ideas or opinions wanting to share with me. Looking forward to making more friends who have same goals or dreams as me!