Juicy Fruit’s Sweet Talk App: Spreading Sweet But Waiting For Changes



Holding your phone over your mouth, picking from one of “ten mouthy characters”, selecting your favorite phrase topic, you are “blurting out” sweet nothings to whoever’s standing nearby without really opening your mouth. This is a mobile app, Sweet Talk, in the iTunes App Store, launched by Juicy Fruit, the Wrigley‘s gum brand since 2010.

Introduced in 1893, Juicy Fruit is recognized by 99 percent of Americans. However, with more and more similar candy brands emerging, Juicy Fruit faces a fierce competition in the market. Hoping to regain relevance among its teen audiences, Juicy Fruit decided to launched the Sweet Talk app, targeting phone-obsessed, share-crazy millennials.

wrigleys-juicyfruitsweettalkapp10Generally, it’s an user-friendly app with clean and concise page design. There are ten mouthy characters with more than forty sweet sayings on the menu. The characters include DJ Spraytan, “a fist-pumper from the Jersey Shore,” who says things like, “You’re so sweet, I wanna take you on the tilt-a-whirl. You gonna keep the cookies in the jar, or what?” For people who want to invite your friends to hang out together, Mama Cita would be your best wingman. Her catchy phrases include:”You’re so sweet, I’m gonna take you out for an ice-cream sundae. You’re the toppings!”

As an entertainment app, Sweet Talk was definitely a brilliant idea. It provides an effective way for Juicy Fruit to engage its target users, expressing the clear content theme, “You’re so sweet”. Additionally, the company successfully caught the attention of mobile owners who are looking for information on Juicy Fruit or entertaining mobile content.

From my perspective, Sweet Talk is also a social app inherently. Growing up with the popularity of social mediaMillennial enjoy showing off their life stories through social media, like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. It’s not surprising that when they discover an app like Sweet Talk, they would treat it like a social currency, and tend to share it with their friends. Without doubt, Sweet Talk did achieve a great success. To date, it has been downloaded over 2.3 million times, with four and a half stars rating in the iTunes App Store.


Good performance as it achieved, Sweet Talk app is facing some serious problems now. With the quick development of mobile technology, placing a phone over the mouth cannot attract millennials anymore. I found it really inconvenient to use other tools, not my phone, to take a video of Sweet Talk, because I have to hold my phone over my mouth. For this reason, I quickly decided to delete it.

To be honest, Sweet Talk was appealing and innovative a few years ago, but is out-of-date now. Its inconvenient design is definitely putting a brake on its spreading. Especially today, most apps provide the selfie function that can put the fictitious pictures over your face automatically when the program recognizes your face. Moreover, when you search for videos with key words like “Sweet Talk” or “You’re so sweet“, most popular videos on Youtube were made three to four years ago. How to keep its successful social influence will be a big task for both Juicy Fruit and Sweet Talk app.

Nowadays, more brands in the snack industry have begun using mobile entertainment app as a tool to drive brand engagement or to increase brand awareness. However, the performances of these apps are not as satisfactory as they expected. Some did achieve a short-term success, like Juicy Fruit’s Sweet Talk, while some were rejected by the users directly. There are two important goals, I think, every brand who wants to carry out mobile app strategies must contemplate. First of all, how to attract more mobile users, including its loyal brand fans, to download the app? The Sweet Talk did a good job. After fulfilling the first goal, all brands need to figure out how to retain the success for a long term. It’s necessary for the brand’s app to make its users feel worthwhile to keep it on their smartphone. This is the most difficult, and I haven’t heard about one successful example yet. If you know one, welcome to tell me. It’s my honor to hear from you.

Last but not least, you’re so sweet, and keep sweet everyday!🍭



KIT KAT: The UX of Break Taking

We live in a fast-paced world without taking enough breaks. Have you ever noticed how rushing you are in your daily life? Or have you ever tried to give yourself an ideal break? Kit Kat, a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection brand under the Hershey Company, produced globally by Nestlé, wanted to tackle these problems and has also promoted break taking for years.

In order to best showcase its campaign theme of break taking, Kit Kat website is designed in an fun and modern way. The dominant colors in its site design are Kit Kat’s signature red and white, which come from its classical wrapper. Since Kit Kat is a snack brand, its target customers usually choose to buy its products in real stores, not online. Therefore, the goal of this site should be to introduce Kit Kat products, build up its brand image, and to communicate with its customers, rather than to play as a selling channel.


As a propaganda platform, Kit Kat’s website nicely fulfills its tasks. From my perspective, it has 2 impressive features that I want to give a big  “thumb up”.

First of all, Kit Kat creatively opens a new section on its website, the Recipes. On this section, visitors are able to explore some innovative baking recipes with Kit Kat bar, such as Kit Kat Brownie cookies, Brownie Bottom and Kit Kat Cheesecake Bars, Kit Kat Harvest Cake, and etc. It is very appealing to some foodies, like me, or people who are interested in baking, or housewives who try to bake unusual snacks for their children. This section is a perfect channel for Kit Kat to not only communicate with their customers, but add some fun to its brand image.

Kit Kat does do a good job on its recipes section, BUT it is not the pioneer  who first bring this idea to the website. I cannot deny that this section on Kit Kat’s website is still not mature, compared with the famous cookie brand, Oreo. Here, I want to give a suggestion as a Kit Kat lover that cooperating with some famous food bloggers on Instagram, Pinterest or WordPress, might be a good way for Kit Kat to add diversities to its recipes and increase its awareness.


Secondly, the Kit Kat Jingle should be the most interesting part on its website. To be honest, I thought it was just a common picture when first visited the About page on Kit Kat website. Surprisedly, a sound of piano appeared while I touched my keyboard. This is a virtual piano made up of Kit Kat bar! What a great idea! I tried to sing and play music following the guidance and videos under the “piano”, and almost spent twenty minutes there. I really adore this innovation which perfectly combines with its advertisement video and its campaign theme, break taking.

屏幕快照 2017-02-20 下午3.56.35.png

Besides these two good performances, Kit Kat also has a user-friendly website design on PC, tablet and mobile phone. The web page layout is very concise that I am able to easily find the information I want. Some details are deserved to be praised. For example, the arrowhead is the breaking chocolate bar, and the block frame is Kit Kat wrapper’s shape. These designs are necessary for a brand website to build up a successful brand image.

Perhaps, Kit Kat is just a sub-brand under the Hershey Company so that its parent company doesn’t pay a lot of attention to its website construction. Don’t get me wrong. Kit Kat performs well among its competitors, but it is not the best. The recipes seem to imitate Oreo’s ideas,  and the “buy online” button besides the product pictures doesn’t work. The content of Kit Kat’s website, I think, is creative but too simple. Even tough it is a propaganda platform, Kit Kat should not ignore its role as a sale channel. For Kit Kat, it is crucial to attach importance to its website construction, especially in today’s digital world. A creative and well-designed website will be the strongest tool to propaganda a brand, no matter which industry it belongs to.

Okay, thank you for your time, and be happy!🤠




The Fascination Advantage Test: A Good Way to Know Yourself More

There are many reasons why we react differently compared to others, in particular, situations through life. Our personality has quite a few secrets, but let me ask you some questions before continuing the post: Do you REALLY know your personality? How are you being perceived by others? Do your know how to become fascinated in your social networking?

Not easy to answer these questions, right? Well, taking The Fascination Advantage Test by Sally Hogshead should be a good way for you to know yourself more.

To be honest, I did’t believe any personality assessments before, since I thought they were too general to really answer the question, who you are. Sometimes, I found totally different people would get the same personality reports. How impossible it is! However, I am completely surprised and convinced by Sally’s Fascination Advantage Test. There are only 28 simple and common behavioral questions, which are able to give us such an accurate and detailed personality report. Additionally,  the idea of  the seven fascination triggers in our personality, I think, should be the most excellent innovation in this analysis. These triggers are the basic instruments in our brain, working together to make who we are. What makes people different is how much percentage of these triggers are playing in our brain, and the primary and secondary ones help to make us fascinated.

“We all have this ability to fascinate built within us!”

Sally Hogshead said in her Ted Talk


Now, What about my test result?

Approachable, dependable, trustworthy, agreeable and benevolent, I am the authentic in the world’s eyes, radiating a sincere and familiar warmth. My primary and secondary advantages are trust, relative to loyalty, and passion, putting people close. My dormant advantage is mystique, arousing curiosity.

屏幕快照 2017-02-12 下午10.15.52.png

Is it me? ? I was surprised when I first saw what I got. I have never realized that the Trust would be my primary fascination trigger in my personality. I always thought I was a passionate and innovative person in other’s impression. Ok, the results seem to reveal the secret of my personality, but also leave me a large space to contemplate who I really am.

I know, “the authentic” seems so vague and mysterious that I couldn’t figured it out before I carefully read the report. However, when I combine my own experience with its explanation, I was convinced. I cannot deny that I do try my best to influence decision-making through my stability and calm in a stressful and confusing situation. Yes, I always set a schedule for every homework or project in order to complete it one or two days before the deadline. Moreover, I am good at communicating with strangers with different backgrounds. All the memories prove it to me that Trust is my primary secret weapon to earn attention from others!!

Passion, a power to put your friends close to you, plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Sally said in her Ted Talk that 64% of people have passion as their #1 or #2 trigger. Yes, she is right. Passion is my secondary fascination trigger, which I have realized a long time ago. I consider myself as a social person, who need friends and family around me. Making different friends, exchanging ideas, or involving a project should always be a happy thing for me.

Every one has his or her own dormant advantage, too. As for me, It’s hard to me to hold back some information from others. I am just like a open book, expressing myself straightforwardly. Ok, the report pointed out what I always avoid admitting, and give me great suggestions.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


In today’s fast-paced society, what should marketers do? We all know that it’s necessary for marketers to know how to communicate with people. We need to share our ideas with our colleagues, clients and customers, trying to make them impressive of what we express. However,  nowadays, people think smaller but forget more quickly. As a marketer, we should clearly realize the emergency of this situation. Knowing how to fascinate, or how to earn people’s attention should become an indispensable course for every marketer in the future.

Here, I strongly recommend you guys to take the Fascination Advantage Test to know yourself more. I bet that the results will surprise you and give you useful suggestions in your social networking! Give it a shot !!!

Fun and Casual Together, Let’s Shake Shack!!

Juicy, succulent, delectable, it’s so difficult to find the best word to describe the ShakeBurger in my own dictionary. Half a year ago, I moved to New York City, pursuing my graduate degree. One day, my roommate excitedly invited me to go to Shake Shack near our apartment. “What’s that? Shake Shack? A juice shop?”I asked confusedly. She laughed and explained to me that this was the best IMG_7271.JPGburger in NYC. With doubts, I entered Shake Shack shop near the Herald Square for the first time. It surprised me that, compared with Burger King or MacDonald‘s  more than 20-30 options, Shake Shack’s menu was so simple that there were only 5 burger options. I quickly decided to order ShackBurger without any hesitation.   Oh yes! Shake Shack definitely is the best hamburger in the world!!!

There’s something magical about Shake Shack. A hot dog cart in Madison Square Park were able to transform into a 100-plus-unit juggernaut within 14 years. Busy customers in metropolitans are willing to stand hour-long lines to wait for a small hamburger.  It seems that what people are waiting for is not only burgers or hot dogs any more, but for fun and casual. I really love one words of Danny Meyer, the founder and chairman of Shake Shack, in the Shack Shake Story video, “If you begin with something as populist as burgers and fries and shakes, and just add that extra special seasoning called hospitality and love, something pretty special things happen.”

Started from a roadside hot dog stand, Shake Shack never forgets its origin. The deepest impression it gave to me is every Shake Shack Shops’ decorations. Usually, restaurants of fast food chain always have identical design so that customers can easily tell which brand it is. However, Shake Shack denied this rule. Every Shack becomes unique, and it’s designed specifically for its locations. I really love the Shack in Madison Square Park. It’s a great place for everyone to enjoy yourself in the sunshine, eating and chatting with your family and friends!!!

Recently, Shake Shack just launched its own app, which can help customers order more conveniently. Through the app, we can find the nearest Shack restaurant, order the food online and choose the pick-up time. How cool it is! However, I don’t think most people will choose to download it excepting the loyal Shack eaters.


Compared with MacDonald or Burger King,  Shake Shack still has a long way to go. I had no idea about what is Shake Shack before I came to NYC. Actually, few people talk about this brand around me, and I seldom see Shake Shack’s advertisements on the TV or the Internet. Of course, it is a young brand, having plenty of room to grow. Nevertheless, we cannot deny its achievements in social media, such as Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms gather a lot of young people, who love to express their ideas freely, pursue both tasty and healthy food, and prefer casual and relax environment. Shake Shack is getting more attentions from these young people. Maybe just like what Garutti said, Shake shack will become the next generation burger joint.

“We have an opportunity to be the next generation burger joint.”

Randy Garutti, the leaders of Shake Shack

Ps. I really love Shake shack’s mushroom burger! Strongly recommend it, and have fun! 🤗