Hey there! My name is Sophy and I was born and raised in Fujian, China and my Chinese name is Shizhu 诗竹. (That means poetry and bamboo in Chinese, so my Chinese friends always call me little bamboo😁)

In 2016, I move to New York City, the BIG APPLE. I am currently a graduate student at New York University, studying integrated marketing with an emphasis on digital marketing, and have my bachelor degree of arts in Business English with a minor in Economics in Sun Yat-Sen University.

I’m an outgoing person with great passion for my life. I am addicted to outdoor activities, especially skateboarding, wall climbing and diving.

Working in the advertising agency is my goal since I decided to pursue my career in marketing field. I am always looking for an opportunity which can provide me a chance to work with fashion and lifestyle brands.

If you are interested in my information, welcome to check my portfolio and contact me anytime! My email address is

Hoping you will enjoy reading my blog!💃🏻

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