Fun and Casual Together, Let’s Shake Shack!!

Juicy, succulent, delectable, it’s so difficult to find the best word to describe the ShakeBurger in my own dictionary. Half a year ago, I moved to New York City, pursuing my graduate degree. One day, my roommate excitedly invited me to go to Shake Shack near our apartment. “What’s that? Shake Shack? A juice shop?”I asked confusedly. She laughed and explained to me that this was the best IMG_7271.JPGburger in NYC. With doubts, I entered Shake Shack shop near the Herald Square for the first time. It surprised me that, compared with Burger King or MacDonald‘s  more than 20-30 options, Shake Shack’s menu was so simple that there were only 5 burger options. I quickly decided to order ShackBurger without any hesitation.   Oh yes! Shake Shack definitely is the best hamburger in the world!!!

There’s something magical about Shake Shack. A hot dog cart in Madison Square Park were able to transform into a 100-plus-unit juggernaut within 14 years. Busy customers in metropolitans are willing to stand hour-long lines to wait for a small hamburger.  It seems that what people are waiting for is not only burgers or hot dogs any more, but for fun and casual. I really love one words of Danny Meyer, the founder and chairman of Shake Shack, in the Shack Shake Story video, “If you begin with something as populist as burgers and fries and shakes, and just add that extra special seasoning called hospitality and love, something pretty special things happen.”

Started from a roadside hot dog stand, Shake Shack never forgets its origin. The deepest impression it gave to me is every Shake Shack Shops’ decorations. Usually, restaurants of fast food chain always have identical design so that customers can easily tell which brand it is. However, Shake Shack denied this rule. Every Shack becomes unique, and it’s designed specifically for its locations. I really love the Shack in Madison Square Park. It’s a great place for everyone to enjoy yourself in the sunshine, eating and chatting with your family and friends!!!

Recently, Shake Shack just launched its own app, which can help customers order more conveniently. Through the app, we can find the nearest Shack restaurant, order the food online and choose the pick-up time. How cool it is! However, I don’t think most people will choose to download it excepting the loyal Shack eaters.


Compared with MacDonald or Burger King,  Shake Shack still has a long way to go. I had no idea about what is Shake Shack before I came to NYC. Actually, few people talk about this brand around me, and I seldom see Shake Shack’s advertisements on the TV or the Internet. Of course, it is a young brand, having plenty of room to grow. Nevertheless, we cannot deny its achievements in social media, such as Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms gather a lot of young people, who love to express their ideas freely, pursue both tasty and healthy food, and prefer casual and relax environment. Shake Shack is getting more attentions from these young people. Maybe just like what Garutti said, Shake shack will become the next generation burger joint.

“We have an opportunity to be the next generation burger joint.”

Randy Garutti, the leaders of Shake Shack

Ps. I really love Shake shack’s mushroom burger! Strongly recommend it, and have fun! 🤗


Welcome to My Blog!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, Treasure Box! After almost two hours of deliberation, I finally decide to pick up this title for my first blog in life. The world of digital marketing is very complicated and updating rapidly beyond our imagination. Here, I will try my best to share what I learn, what I see, and what I think as a graduate student of integrated marketing in NYU with every visitor. I hope you guys will find it a treasure box where you can discover the latest digital marketing information, useful marketing tips and interesting marketing ideas.

To be honest, I was not an inborn marketer before I came to the marketing world. It took me a lot of time to choose this path. I first majored in English literature in my undergraduate years, but I quickly found out that I was scared of becoming an academic in my rest of life. Therefore, I worked as a consulting assistant in a headhunter company, helping clients to recruit the best employees in the marketing field. Since then, I have noticed my talents in the marketing. Observing the new and emerging marketing trends, organizing  the marketing campaign, utilizing the latest digital tools to promote, everything here is so attractive to me!

This is my first blog, and I will try to continue on this blogging journey. So if you love learning about the fancy digital marketing world just as me, you’ve came to the right place. Please Please Please contact me if you have any ideas or opinions wanting to share with me. Looking forward to making more friends who have same goals or dreams as me!