The Fascination Advantage Test: A Good Way to Know Yourself More

There are many reasons why we react differently compared to others, in particular, situations through life. Our personality has quite a few secrets, but let me ask you some questions before continuing the post: Do you REALLY know your personality? How are you being perceived by others? Do your know how to become fascinated in your social networking?

Not easy to answer these questions, right? Well, taking The Fascination Advantage Test by Sally Hogshead should be a good way for you to know yourself more.

To be honest, I did’t believe any personality assessments before, since I thought they were too general to really answer the question, who you are. Sometimes, I found totally different people would get the same personality reports. How impossible it is! However, I am completely surprised and convinced by Sally’s Fascination Advantage Test. There are only 28 simple and common behavioral questions, which are able to give us such an accurate and detailed personality report. Additionally,  the idea of  the seven fascination triggers in our personality, I think, should be the most excellent innovation in this analysis. These triggers are the basic instruments in our brain, working together to make who we are. What makes people different is how much percentage of these triggers are playing in our brain, and the primary and secondary ones help to make us fascinated.

“We all have this ability to fascinate built within us!”

Sally Hogshead said in her Ted Talk


Now, What about my test result?

Approachable, dependable, trustworthy, agreeable and benevolent, I am the authentic in the world’s eyes, radiating a sincere and familiar warmth. My primary and secondary advantages are trust, relative to loyalty, and passion, putting people close. My dormant advantage is mystique, arousing curiosity.

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Is it me? ? I was surprised when I first saw what I got. I have never realized that the Trust would be my primary fascination trigger in my personality. I always thought I was a passionate and innovative person in other’s impression. Ok, the results seem to reveal the secret of my personality, but also leave me a large space to contemplate who I really am.

I know, “the authentic” seems so vague and mysterious that I couldn’t figured it out before I carefully read the report. However, when I combine my own experience with its explanation, I was convinced. I cannot deny that I do try my best to influence decision-making through my stability and calm in a stressful and confusing situation. Yes, I always set a schedule for every homework or project in order to complete it one or two days before the deadline. Moreover, I am good at communicating with strangers with different backgrounds. All the memories prove it to me that Trust is my primary secret weapon to earn attention from others!!

Passion, a power to put your friends close to you, plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Sally said in her Ted Talk that 64% of people have passion as their #1 or #2 trigger. Yes, she is right. Passion is my secondary fascination trigger, which I have realized a long time ago. I consider myself as a social person, who need friends and family around me. Making different friends, exchanging ideas, or involving a project should always be a happy thing for me.

Every one has his or her own dormant advantage, too. As for me, It’s hard to me to hold back some information from others. I am just like a open book, expressing myself straightforwardly. Ok, the report pointed out what I always avoid admitting, and give me great suggestions.

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In today’s fast-paced society, what should marketers do? We all know that it’s necessary for marketers to know how to communicate with people. We need to share our ideas with our colleagues, clients and customers, trying to make them impressive of what we express. However,  nowadays, people think smaller but forget more quickly. As a marketer, we should clearly realize the emergency of this situation. Knowing how to fascinate, or how to earn people’s attention should become an indispensable course for every marketer in the future.

Here, I strongly recommend you guys to take the Fascination Advantage Test to know yourself more. I bet that the results will surprise you and give you useful suggestions in your social networking! Give it a shot !!!